ares/races Training Net

Our net meets on the first Monday of each month on 146.460 MHz simplex, and on
each following Monday of the month on 147.090 MHz, with a +600 offset and a 103.5
tone, at 8 PM local time. The net can be linked to Echolink as needed.

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Traffic Nets

The Seminole VHF Traffic Net meets daily at 7:15 PM on the 147.285 MHz repeater. The formal part of the Net also begins at 7:15 PM.  The net manager is Andy, KG4QCD. The SVTN is a member of the NTS.

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SkyWarn Net

 SkyWarn weather page

What is Skywan?

SKYWARN is a program of the United States' National Weather Service (NWS). Its mission is to collect reports of localized severe weather. These reports are used to aid forecasters in issuing and verifying severe weather watches and warnings and to improve the forecasting and warning processes and the tools used to collect meteorological data. It consists of a network of severe storm spotters who observe weather conditions and make reports of severe weather to their local NWS offices. These spotters are regularly trained by personnel from the local NWS offices. In many areas, classes are conducted each spring in advance of the coming severe weather season

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What is a NET?

An amateur radio net, or simply ham net, is an “on-the-air” gathering of amateur radio operators. Most nets convene on a regular schedule and specific frequency, and are organized for a particular purpose, such as relaying messages, discussing a common topic of interest, in severe weather (for example, during a Skywarn activation), emergencies, or simply as a regular gathering of friends for conversation